Turn your phone to a Professional Recorder and Monitor

Recto is an app easy to use that turns your phone to a professional video recorder and monitor by capturing from USB UVC HDMI or SDI grabber. Connect the USB UVC Grabber through OTG cable to your phone and start previewing the captured video. Resolutions on the preview can be selected based on the USB Grabber specifications. 


Recto turns your device to HDMI or SDI recorder. Capturing from external video sources open a new frontier, specially when recording from your DSLR, video camera or any video device to you phone as dual video recording which gives the ability to share instantly to any online plat


With today’s new phones and Tablets that include HDR or Dolby vision, giving amazing colors and controlling the backlight to brings you the perfect visual experience then most professional monitors in the market. We included monitoring tools to help using your device like any professional monitor. Histogram, centre marker, grid, image flip as well take a picture are all monitoring features available in our application.   

Whats New

Time lapse Mode

With Time lapse mode, you are able to record a time lapse video from any Webcam or UVC video Grabber. 


Selecting from Gallery the folder deducted to your contents, Photos, Videos and Time Lapse videos.

Sharing contents

Tap on the recorded content and share it instantly to any social media platform or attached to you email.


USB HDMI Grabber

USB SDI video capture dongle

USB Endoscope Camera

OTG Cable

Some phones or tablets can not provide enough power for the video grabbers. A external power supply is needed by using OTG Cable + Y USB Power Cable.   

Recto Compatibility

Recto works with 5.0 Lillipop onward versions. 

Recto Latency Test

Latency depends on the phone model and the video grabber input resolution setting which can be selected from the Recto app